What We Do?

Actionable insights, people-inspired strategies, and digital solutions that help your brand achieve better business outcomes and limitless possibilities.

How we help

We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of thoughtful, human-centric strategy and insights that always put your customers first. Our digital experts combine cutting-edge ideas with relevant, timely executional tactics so you can stay ahead of evolving customer expectations.

No matter what facet of the digital landscape your brand needs help with, we’ll work with you to identify growth opportunities, unearth competitive advantages, and define a way forward. Our strategic initiatives consistently deliver innovative experiences that translate to better performance, customer engagement, and higher ROI.

Specifically, we can help you with: customer experience, omni-channel marketing, transformation, eCommerce, AR/VR, IoT, mobile, content, personalization, and more.

MFDC was the right strategic choice for Visit California. The company’s creativity and innovation will allow us to continue to Dream Big through our digital marketing program, while sharing the California lifestyle through compelling content and an engaging online experience. 

Strategy & Insights Services Offering

  • Digital Strategy
  • Omni Channel Strategy
  • eCommerce Strategy
  • Personalization and Segmentation
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Disruptive Thinking and Thought Leadership
  • Digital Transformation
  • Business Requirements Definition
  • Technology Strategy and Roadmap
  • Hybrid Cloud Strategy
  • Product Strategy and Management
  • Outsourcing Strategy
  • Data Science
  • Business Intelligence Modernization
  • Data Visualization and Analytics

Who We Are?

Get to know a little of our history and the road we traveled that took us to the level we are today.