Android & IOS Applications

MFDC has extensive experience in creating high performing, digitally transformative and feature-packed native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.

These guys work hard, very hard. We were amazed at every point of contact to learn they were navigating our issues and helping to shape a successful product regardless of the difficult challenges that were seemingly always in play.

Whether looking to create a mobile application for smartphones, tablets or both, MFDC has your organization covered no matter the platform it is to be built on or device it is to be used in conjunction with. 

As experts at HTML5 development, MFDC can also build cross-platform mobile applications that will work on any device or platform. Companies and organizations choosing MFDC for their custom mobile application development needs can be assured that their final deliverable, no matter the technology its built on, will be secure, scalable and sustainable in whatever environment its hosted.

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Why Clients Choose Us For Mobile App Development:

Here are just some of the ways that we stand out as a company when it comes to what our experience is with mobile application design and development.

  •  Agile mobile app development and project methodology
  •  Assistance with the App Store, Google Play
  •  Award winning mobile application development solutions
  •  Competitive rates for mobile application design and development talent
  •  Cross-functional team of 300+ experts in global offices
  •  In-house, front-end specialists: Business Analysts, UX/UI Experts & Designers
  •  Friendly, open, and collaborative way of working with clients
  •  Proven track record of successful mobile application project delivery
  •  Rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing before β€œGo-Live” events
  •  Solid open technology expertise across multiple platforms
  •  Cross-platform and HTML5-based mobile app solutions

Who We Are?

Get to know a little of our history and the road we traveled that took us to the level we are today.